The terms and conditions outlined below are subject to the current Canadian laws. In a case where there may be a mismatch between these terms and conditions and the current Canadian laws, the current applicable Canadian laws will take precedence.

By purchasing or using any goods (tangible and intangible) or services from Edocation Corp., you accept and agree to all Edocation Corp. terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of our customers to familiarize themselves with all the terms and condition prior to any purchase. Edocation Corp. reserves the right, without a prior notification, to update these terms and conditions periodically to improve our services or other business needs (such as further explaining our terms and conditions).

Edocation Corp. uses these terms and conditions in conjunction with its privacy policy. By using Edocation website and other forms of content (including newsletters), products and services, users agree to both Edocation Corp. terms and conditions and Edocation Corp. privacy policy.

The term “books” is used by Edocation Corp. to refer to printed and electronic books. The book page count is the total number of pages (including all of the following, if applicable: the front and the back covers, the technical (publisher’s) page, table of contents, index (tag pages), etc.) and is based on the PDF format. Page counts may differ from format to format.

The term “images” is used by Edocation Corp. to refer to photographs, pictures, illustrations, drawings, vectors, visual aids and other products of visual design, both physical and electronic ones.

The image names on Edocation Corp. website and the names of the photo file that users can download after the purchase of this image are different. The name on the website is given for the purpose of reference only.

Edocation Corp. strives to ensure that all the photograph details are accurate; yet differences between the description of the photo on the website and the actual photo file properties may vary or be completely different due to technical constraints, processing error or other reasons. Edocation Corp. is not responsible for any consequences of these inaccuracies or errors. If you have found an inaccuracy or an error we encourage you to contact our support team so that, if possible, we can attend to this.

All the prices on Edocation Corp. website are in Canadian dollars (CAD). These prices are subject to the applicable taxes. The prices shown on the website do not include any taxes. The applicable taxes are calculated on the shown amounts and are added to the total amount at the checkout. All the discounts are applied to the dollar amount before the taxes; the applicable taxes are calculated on the amount that is due after the discount has been applied.

Edocation Corp. has a “No exchange, no return” policy.
You may request an exchange or a refund if:
– the goods you have received are damaged OR
– the goods you have received are defective OR
– you did not receive the goods you had ordered.

You must advise Edocation Corp. of any exchange or refund request within thirty (30) days from the shipment of your goods through the “Contact us” form with clear photos of the the original packaging and the damaged or defective goods. In order to receive a refund, the goods must be returned unused, in their original packaging and in the same condition as received. Before you ship the goods back, you must receive the directions and all other appropriate requirements (if any) from our customer service representative. These directions and guidelines may vary according to the type of the goods purchased. Every time you need to exchange or return goods, you must contact our customer service even if this is the same goods you have already returned in the past. Refund requests for goods purchased online must be processed online and cannot be returned in person. If your exchange or return request meets all applicable conditions, your refund will be credited on the method of payment used for your purchase.

Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

Digital goods (such as e-books and images) can only be returned if upon gaining access to them (e.g. through a download link), you have discovered that they are significantly not as described on the corresponding page on Edocation Corp. website ( You must explain how exactly the product is significantly not as described before you get a refund (if you are eligible). It is your responsibility to check all the related information about the product you are interested in prior to your purchase, this includes reading the detailed description of the product, downloading and carefully examining the file containing the additional information (if available), checking the product resolution (for images), etc. The return or refund of any digital goods can be considered by Edocation Corp. if technical issues prevent customers from using the purchases product. All returns and refunds are at sole discretion of Edocation Corp.

All content available on/from Edocation website is owned by Edocation Corp. All rights not expressively granted in our Terms & Conditions are reserved by Edocation Corp.

Images purchased from Edocation Corp. can be used for website backgrounds (excluding templates), blog posts, newspaper articles, PowerPoint presentation slides (excluding templates), research papers, book covers, teaching and learning (to help teach a class), computer desktop wallpaper (excluding templates), creating artistic collage and other educational and creative purposes that are not limited by Edocation Corp. terms and conditions.

Upon purchase of a digital product, purchasers do not obtain exclusive rights for using the product and Edocation Corp. may sell the same digital product (e.g. an electronic book) to other people and companies.

The content obtained from Edocation Corp. must not be used in pornographic or any unlawful and must not be used to misrepresent the truth (e.g. a photo of the city of Calgary – the name of the city can be in the name of the image or the image can be tagged accordingly or other evidence may or may not be available – cannot be used to mislead viewers to believe that this is a different city).

The products (e.g. images, videos, books, etc.), services, and other content (e.g. blog article) from Edocation Corp. cannot be misrepresented as being a product, service or content of (an)other author(s).

Purchasing goods (tangible and intangible) and services by Edocation Corp. on Edocation website or from a third party (e.g. a book published by Edocation and made available through a distributor), does not grant the right to copy, resell, reproduce or redistribute these goods or any their part, this includes copying digital goods and sharing them via social media, file exchange websites, Cloud (online) storage websites, emails, memory sticks, etc. for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

The digital or other copyright protected content obtained from Edocation Corp. must be used exclusively by the purchaser and must not be transferred or otherwise be made available to other companies or individuals (except by employees of the company that purchased the goods from Edocation Corp. and needs to make it available to its employees or contractors to complete the project for which this content was purchased).

Edocation Corp. reserves the right to take a legal action in case of copyright infringement (or grounded suspicions of copyright infringement or its attempt) to protect its rights to the full extent that Canadian and the applicable international laws (with which Canadian corporations such as Edocation Corp. comply) permit.

Any original tangible and intangible goods and materials, such as electronic books and photos on Edocation Corp. website (including the ones that have been delivered to blog subscribers via email), in full or in part, can only be reproduced with a prior written consent from the authorized Edocation Corp. representative. To clarify who has been authorized by Edocation Corp. and other related questions, you can use the “Contact us” form on this website.

Companies or individuals wishing to use Edocation Corp. digital products (e.g. images) in advertising (e.g. on a billboard advertising a tourist attraction), logos or templates (e.g. website templates, post card templates, business card templates, etc.) must obtain permission in writing from Edocation. Typically, the products obtained for these usages are subject to a substantially higher price and have a limitation on their use (e.g. the image can only be used in X amount of templates for the price or can only be printed on X amount of T-shirts).

These terms and conditions in connection with consuming and using the original goods by Edocation Corp. can be terminated by either Edocation Corp. or the customer (a company or an individual). An individual can terminate these terms and conditions by ceasing from using our original goods. Edocation Corp. can terminate providing (or request that a customer must cease using) the original digital goods by Edocation Corp. if the customer does not comply with these terms or conditions, whether in full or in part. This includes posting Edocation Corp. original image (or images) without any substantial modifications to it (or to them) on social media from which this image (or images) can be downloaded by other people or providing a link where this image (or images) can be downloaded – in this case and other cases where these terms and conditions are not fully adhered to or a customer has expressed intention not to adhere, Edocation Corp. can request that the copies should be disposed of immediately or the content should be deleted without any delay.

If any tangible or intangible goods are subject to copyright infringement to which Edocation Corp. is liable or need to be recalled for any other reasonable cause, Edocation Corp. can request that these goods must be returned or taken out of use by the customer (including its employees, distributors and customers) and disposed of at the customer’s own expense. Edocation Corp. at its own discretion is to provide a substitute product.

Edocation Corp. reserves the right to correct, improve and fix tangible and intangible goods and services without a notification to the customers that have already purchased these goods and services before the corrections, improvement and fixes have happened and without any obligation to provide an updated version of the product to the existing customers.

Edocation Corp. attempts to maintain all information clear and accurate. This includes book and image metadata. However, Edocation Corp. does not warrant the accuracy of any information provided to describe tangible and intangible goods and services. If you have discovered any inaccuracies, we encourage you to clearly explain your point on the Feedback page of our website so that one of our specialists can correct this inaccuracy.

All goods are offered by Edocation Corp. as is. Edocation Corp. does not warrant that these goods will work for a particular project, in our customers’ settings or will work always with the same level of accuracy or quality.

Edocation Corp. does not assume responsibility for misuse of any goods or services or the consequences that this may cause. Moreover, our customers undertake to defend and keep Edocation Corp. (including our directors, presidents, employees, partners, parent and child companies, distributors) harmless of any law suite, legal action or other negative consequences that may arise in connection with Edocation Corp. goods ans services that are incorporated or otherwise used by our customers in their own projects and for any other purposes.

Edocation Corp. assume responsibility for any real or potential harm or loss in connection with using (o ceasing to use) the goods and services provided by or through us (including our directors, presidents, employees, partners, parent and child companies, distributors) even if Edocation Corp. may have been warned of it.

Edocation Corp. customers (individuals, companies and other organisations) undertake to securely store the tangible and intangible goods to prevent their misuse by any other parties. This includes creating a strong password to a computer or other locations (such as email to which the download link has been provided by Edocation Corp.) where the content from Edocation Corp. is transferred or stored.

Edocation Corp. does not provide a back up of content or download links in case these have been deleted from the customer’s website as the result of a computer virus, intentional deletion by the customer or other reasons.

With certain services (e.g. ERP implementation), Edocation offers a free consultation, a free no obligation consultation or a free demonstration. These offers only extend to the initial consultation or an initial demonstration. Charges are going to be applied for regular consultations and demonstrations (e.g. to provide post Go-Live support of an ERP system). If you are unsure whether a consultation or a demonstration is free or has to be paid for, please, ask the Edocation specialist who provides the consultation or a demonstration prior to engaging in it.

Edocation Corp. reserves the right to update its terms and conditions without a prior notification or announcement.