3 + 3 environments for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud / SaaS)

3 + 3 Environments

Did you know that D365BC (Cloud / SaaS) has up to 3 Production + 3 Sandbox environments?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) is a modern ERP system. The Cloud / SaaS (software as a service) hosting option allows creating up to three Production (AKA “Live”) and three Sandbox (AKA “Test”) environments (Microsoft, 2020). This is an advantage for a variety of reasons, including the ones below.

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First of all, multiple environments can be used during the implementation of the system. For example, it is possible to create a Live Company in the Production and then to copy the whole environment for UAT (user acceptance testing) and further fine-tuning. This save Partner’s time and project budget as it is unnecessary to set up another Company in a Sandbox for UAT and at the same time is safer than just copying a Company in the Production environment, especially in the view of fine-tuning Extensions. Moreover, this an important feature for testing multi-company and consolidation setups.

Second, because it is possible to have multiple environments, it is also possible to preserve all the work done during the training stage. Thus, users can continue relying on their training and earlier testing even during the UAT phase.

Finally, multiple environments can be used as an additional way to backup the system and for other security matters such as training new Users in a separate environment.

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