D365BC: Free updates & fixes

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Free Updates and Fixes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) is an ERP system. It can be implemented on premises, on Azure and on Cloud. This post focuses on the Cloud implementation of the product.

One of the features of D365BC on the Cloud is updates and fixes at no additional cost – that is, companies only pay for their licenses and the cost of updates is included. Users get new features, security enhancements, software version upgrades and platform or application repair (AKA “hotfixes”).

Importantly, updates and fixes happen are installed fully automatically, similar to Windows updates.

The advantage of this free and easy software updates is that an up-to-date ERP system promotes productive work in the system. Moreover, managers and company decision makers save money and time to their companies by avoiding multi-thousand upgrades and multi-month upgrade planning and execution which, in turn, minimize or completely eliminate impact on daily business routine in the system.

It is worth mentioning that automatic updates do not typically interfere with custom code (if any) due to the fact that custom development in D365BC is done through Extensions which function on top of the core code and not alter it. This means that when the core code is updated after a release, the Extension code remains intact. Depending on how many and how complex Extensions are, it may be necessary to test new releases in the Sandbox environment prior to scheduling the update in the Production environment. Therefore, it is better to minimize or completely avoid Extensions, if possible.

To learn more about D365BC, including its modules, its financial reporting and budgeting capabilities, the industries and sectors it serves, its license types and their prices and to estimate your implementation cost and savings, visit the corresponding page or contact us.

At Edocation, we work to ensure that D365BC is set up with all the best practices in mind. This, together with automatic updates, contributes to the objective of companies to keep their ERP system secure, rich in functions, user-friendly and stable at a low cost. If you would like to discuss the ERP requirements of your company, contact us.