ERP Discounts and Promotions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Discounts & Promotions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) is one of Microsoft ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. Companies working with Edocation take advantage of D365BC discounts and promotions in these three categories: implementation, maintenance and licenses.

This section is about how companies save when they get started with (implement) D365BC:
      ✓ $0 upfront cost – with the Cloud hosting of D365BC, companies do not require to procure and maintain IT hardware (e.g. a server) or software (e.g. SQL) infrastructure.
      ✓ Discounts on implementation packages – with already affordable implementation plans, companies get an additional discount of up to 5% – Edocation packages start at $0 (free).
      ✓ Contingency fixed rate – companies wishing put in place an extra measure to ensure the project budget is healthy at all times can request a set-aside amount at a discounted rate.

This section is about how companies save after going Live with D365BC:
      ✓ Affordable hourly rates – Edocation is famous for our low hourly rates of highly experienced Canadian consultants.
      ✓ Referral promotions – up to 15% off with ERP promotions by Edocation.
      ✓ Support contracts – thousands of dollars are saved with one of the support plans; the pay-as-you-go option is available too.

This section is about how companies save on D365BC licenses:
      ✓ Getting licenses – requesting a license from Edocation is free and we do our best to get them quickly.
      ✓ License advice – our consultants provide advice to our clients about the different license types and their prices to help save on monthly license costs.
      ✓ Students, faculty members and nonprofit organisations – individuals and organisations may be eligible for the corresponding discounts on each license type.

Bottom Line
Edocation offers discounts and promotions on D365BC implementation, maintenance and licenses. If you would like to learn more about D365BC, discuss your ERP goals and how you can save, contact us.