Microsoft Dynamics 365 License Calculator

Microsoft Dynamics 365 License Calculator

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) License Calculator1 is a free tool that helps companies calculate / estimate the total monthly cost of all their D365 licenses, including ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC)
D365BC is a modern ERP system and one of the key parts of Dynamics 365. D365BC helps companies keep track of and manage their inventory, fixed (capital) assets, human and machine resources, projects (Jobs), assembly orders, service requests, manufacturing processes, etc. and run related financial and other reports. To learn more about D365BC, its license prices, license types and to estimate its implementation cost, visit the corresponding page or contact us.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance (D365F) & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (D365SCM)
D365F and D365SCM (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX) are an ERP system, similar to D365BC; they, too, constitute an important part of Dynamics 365. However, D365F and D365SCM are typically used by big corporations with multinational operations or companies with intensively complex processes. To learn more about D365F and D365SCM, visit the corresponding page or contact us.

Dynamics 365 Application & License Types
Microsoft (Microsoft 2020, p. 3) refers to the following software as the core applications:
      ✓ D365F,
      ✓ D365SCM,
      ✓ Dynamics 365 Sales (D365S),
      ✓ Dynamics 365 Customer Service (D365CS),
      ✓ Dynamics 365 Field Service (D365FS),
      ✓ Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (D365PSA),
      ✓ Dynamics 365 Retail (D365R),
      ✓ Dynamics 365 Talent (D365T).

Typically, licenses for these core applications can be purchased as base or attach. The difference between base and attach licenses is that an attach license is much cheaper than a base license. However, to be eligible for an attach license, a user must have been assigned a base license. For example, if a user needs to work in both D365F and D365SCM, the user’s company has to pay the full monthly price for D365F (base license) and can pay much less for D365SCM (attach license). Importantly, if two applications that a user needs are priced differently, the user’s company has to pay the highest price of the two as the base and the other one, that is cheaper, can be an attach license.

Some restrictions and conditions on licenses may apply. For example, D365PSA and D365T licenses are available as base only. To discuss the specific needs of your company and whether additional restrictions and conditions apply, contact us.

Edocation team understands that D365 licensing and pricing are complex. Our consultants’ task is to help companies optimize their license choices to save money and facilitate implementation. This post contributes to this objective. If you would like to discuss your ERP needs with one of our certified Microsoft consultants, contact us.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 License Cost

Calculate the total monthly cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses.
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Finance / Supply Chain Management Team Member License(s)
Finance, Base License(s)
Finance, Attach License(s)
Supply Chain Management, Base License(s)
Supply Chain Management, Attach License(s)
Project Service Automation License(s)
Layout License(s)
Retail License(s)
Fraud Protection per Tenant License(s)
Customer Service Professional, Base License
Customer Service Professional, Attach License(s)
Customer Service Enterprise, Base License
Customer Service Enterprise, Attach License(s)
Customer Service Insights License(s)
Forms Pro – 2,000 Survey Responses per Tenant License(s)
Customer Insights per Tenant License(s)
Sales Insights License(s)
Sales Professional, Base License
Sales Professional, Attach License(s)
Sales Enterprise, Base License
Sales Enterprise, Attach License(s)
Microsoft Relationship Sales License(s)
Marketing, Base per Tenant License(s)
Marketing, Attach per Tenant License(s)
Field Service, Base License
Field Service, Attach License(s)
Remote Assist, Base License
Remote Assist, Attach License(s)
Guides License(s)
TOTAL: $ 0.00
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Microsoft Corporation (2020). Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide, January 2020. Retrieved January 25, 2020 from,

1 The focus of this post is Cloud (SaaS) licenses – the license prices in other hosting environments (e.g. on-premises, on Azure) may differ. The prices in the calculator are monthly rates per user unless otherwise is specified. The license prices in this post are based on our experience and were accessed on its publication date above from the following source:
The calculator prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to the applicable taxes. The actual prices may change without a prior notification by Edocation Corp. and are not our sales quote – to confirm the current prices and to get a quote by Edocation, contact us.