Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Release 1, 2020

New Features in D365BC: 2020, Release 1

A number of new Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) features are scheduled to be released by Microsoft in 2020, phase (Wave) 1.

At least some of these features have been suggested to Microsoft through Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics 365 Application Ideas website.

One of the features that is of particular interest is the enhancements around approval Workflows. With these enhancements not only the Approvers are notified of a request awaiting their review, but the Senders are notified too about the outcome of their submission.

For example, if Jo submits a request for a Sales Invoice approval, not only Jane, who reviews Jo’s requests, will be notified via email that the request has been submitted and needs her attention, but Jo will be notified, via email too, as soon as a decision (whether the request is approved or rejected) has been made. This way, approval Workflows have become more efficient: both Senders and Approvers get instant (or batched and scheduled, if they choose so) notifications allowing them to act timely and to run their business processes even more efficiently effectively.

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