Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) keyboard

The keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Visual guide

There are a number of useful keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC). This post highlights some frequently used ones and provides the links to download the visual guide and to learn more shortcuts. This post also discusses why it is important for individuals and companies to use keyboard shortcuts.

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Here is the list of some frequently used keyboard shortcuts from the consulting perspective:

F8 Copy the content from the cell above
t Today’s date for date-related Fields
ESC Close a Page
Tab Move to the next Field
Ctrl+F1 Help (about this Page)
Ctrl+Alt+F1 Explore the Page (incl. all hidden Fields)
Ctrl+Del Delete a Line
Alt+F3 Filter to this value
Shift+Alt+F3 Filter to this Field
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F3 Reset the Filters
Note: Some other Excel and Word shortcuts work too, including Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + V (paste), etc.

Depending on the hosting environment of D365BC, its version, the browser and the computer, some shortcuts may work differently, for example, some laptops have their own shortcuts which may interfere.

To download the visual guide for D365BC keyboard shortcuts by Microsoft, follow the links in the “Further Reading” section below in this post.

The next section is about why it is important to use shortcuts.

There are two major reasons why individuals use shortcuts and why companies may encourage their employees to use them in D365BC: it is convenient to do so and this saves time. The latter reason is exemplified below.

Let’s say, there are 10 Users who process 10 Sales Invoices daily. Each Sales Invoice averages 100 Lines out of which, 50 Lines are goods and services priced identically at $ 55.88. This amount constitutes 5 characters or one word (words in English are approximately 5.1 characters in length).

People type about 50 WPM words per minute. This means that 10 Users need 100 minutes or 1 hour 40 minutes daily to type this amount on all their Sales Invoices:
(10 Users * 10 Invoices * 50 Lines) / 50 WPM

In 2019, there were 251 working days in Alberta (Canada). This means that these hypothetical Users (who might be qualified human resources) spent more than 418 hours or over 10 weeks on this monotonous task instead of doing more important and rewarding work:
(100 minutes * 251 days) / 60 minutes

How to remedy this? One simple solution is to use shortcut keys. For example, the quickest way to copy the value from the Line above (such as Lines in a Sales Invoice) is “F8”. This could have saved 2+ weeks in the example above. On the one hand, individuals can save time on monotonous work and increase satisfaction from their work; on the other hand, companies can save qualified workers’ time (and therefore, money). Therefore, it may be a good idea to use the D365BC keyboard shortcuts and to train employees to use them.

At Edocation, our objective is to help users and companies take a full advantage of their D365BC system which we implement, assist in migrating to it and support the people using it. If you would like to discuss your enterprise resource planning (ERP) requirements and business needs with one of our certified Microsoft specialists, contact us.