The Web: Definition

The World Wide Web (or “the Web”) is a system of organizing information through hyperlinks (links).

Although often used interchangeably with the Internet, the Web is different as it is only a part of the Internet. Put it simply, the Internet is the infrastructure that connects computers (and server centers) throughout the world and the Web “runs” on this infrastructure. The Web, in turn, is one of the things on the internet.

An example of the Internet that is not necessarily the Web is a file that is made available on the internet-connected computer – this file, for example, can be used by an organisation for business or technical infrastructure purposes and is not available front-end to users for download.

A website that connects its different pages and offers external links (e.g. to YouTube videos) is an example of the Web. This website has a front-end (user-facing) interface allowing users to interact with a variety of links.

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