Canada: Newcomers

These courses can help you better adapt in Canada. They explain what it is like to live, work and study in Canada and how newcomers can obtain the things they need to start their new life:

CONTENT / COURSE CAN101: Essentials CAN201: Driving a Car CAN301: Opening a Business
Searching for a Job
Newcomer Services
Emergency & Finding a Doctor
Leisure: Library, Sports, Travel
Mobile Phone
Renting a House
Schools & Universities
Living with a Pet
Obtaining a Canadian Driver’s License
Purchasing a Vehicle
Servicing Your Vehicle
Opening Your Own Business
First Steps for Your New Business in Canada
COST: $70.00 CAD $70.00 CAD $70.00 CAD

Or take all three courses above for $200.00 CAD.

CONTENT / COURSE CAN311: Own Your Home
Purchasing Your 1st Home in Canada
COST: $80.00 CAD

Or take the “Own Your Home” course for $25.00 CAD when you combine it with any of the courses above.

CAN101 (Essentials) and CAN201 (Driving a Car) courses are offered 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.
CAN301 (Opening a Business) and CAN311 (Own Your Home) courses are offered 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.

Edocation Corp. does not provide any immigration advice. All the prices are subject to the applicable taxes. The language of instruction in these courses is English. Our “For Drivers” and other courses cover Alberta (AB) requirements only; particular requirements will vary per each province and territory.