They say, “bind hands to an Italian person and he will be unable to say a word” – what this joke points to is how active some Italian people are in using gestures in a conversation. At Edocation, our instructors are aware of the importance of nonverbal communication such as gestures. Therefore, you are going to learn not only Italian words, but also some culturally specific Italian nonverbal means of communication. Why so – this is because there is research behind the importance of gestures: those learners who use them are more successful in learning and using the language for communication.

Edocation team offers courses and tutoring classes for individuals and organizations. Whether you are looking just for a few classes or a complete course, we are happy to help. Our instructors are educated, experienced and have a positive outlook.

All our students who successfully finish a course get a certificate from Edocation. Our classes start from $30.00 CAD per hour (subject to the applicable taxes). We offer in person, online and on-location classes.