Ласкаво просимо!

Why it may be a good idea to learn Ukrainian? Perhaps, because Ukrainian perogies (varenyky) are testiest in the world, you have a Ukrainian baba or wife with whom you want to be able to exchange at least a few words in their mother tongue or, perhaps, because you like how Ukrainian sounds as it is known to be one of the most melodious languages in the whole world? While all of these reasons are valid, it is also worth noting that Ukrainian is one of the few rocket-building countries; the country whose IT specialists are known far beyond its borders and whose farmers love the land and work hard on it. Therefore, whether you may want to learn Ukrainian for family, studies, business or work purposes, we are here to help!

Edocation team offers courses and tutoring classes for individuals and organizations. Whether you are looking just for a few classes or a complete course, we are happy to help. Our instructors are educated, experienced and have a positive outlook.

All our students who successfully finish a course get a certificate from Edocation. Our classes start from $30.00 CAD per hour (subject to the applicable taxes). We offer in person, online and on location classes. We cover all aspects of learning: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Our instructors work with learners at all levels: from beginners to university professors and Ukrainian-language instructors. We are happy to help students of all ages.