About Edocation Photographs
All Edocation photos are 100% Canadian – made in Canada about Canada. All of them are authentic (made by our own photographers – we do not resell photos), exclusive (only available for purchase from Edocation), “organic” (not enhanced, modified or otherwise altered after being taken) and have a unique, meaningful name – just as a painting of an artist. These pictures depict Canadian landscapes, parks, mountains, lakes, rivers, buildings, cultural objects and other interesting things about Canada, its nature, culture and everyday life.

Edocation photos are affordable. With frequent promotions, any photograph can be purchased for $1.00 CAD.

Students, teachers, teaching apprentices, researchers, research assistants, instructors, professors, professionals and authors can find useful these photos as they can help familiarize their students, colleagues and readers with Canada. These photos can also be an excellent book cover, desktop or smartphone wallpaper, website page or header. Edocation images can be a present to a friend.

Each picture belongs to one category only:

  • Air: the sky, celestial bodies (the sun, the moon, stars), clouds, etc.
  • Water: rivers lakes, fountains, creeks, waterfalls, dew, etc.
  • Terrain: mountains, paths, plains, caves, hills, pits, caverns, etc.
  • Flora: flowers, trees, grass, grains, bushes, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Fauna: wild and domestic animals, birds and fish: cattle, fowl, pets, etc.
  • Cityscape: a variety of architecture, monuments, cultural objects, urban lifestyle, etc.
  • Miscellanea: other photographs, including stationary, rural and everyday life objects etc.

To find a particular image, the following tactics can be used on Edocation website:

  • browse through the categories on the list above;
  • use the tags that come with each image or the tag cloud;
  • type a category, key word or colour in the website search box on the upper right-hand corner;
  • press Ctrl+F to help find information on a website page;
  • request our e-catalogue below to browse through images offline on your own device;
  • to search or sort by multiple categories, request our XLSX e-catalogue below;
  • to learn about new images, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media;
  • to get assistance with finding images of Canada on our website, contact us.

People and companies that purchase Edocation images use them for:

  • inspirational desktop wallpapers;
  • attractive cell (mobile) phone lock screen background;
  • teaching about Canada (Edocation images as visual aids);
  • preparing research (final, term) papers;
  • writing scholarly articles;
  • publishing books, including book covers;
  • making professional presentations;
  • creating beautiful websites and blogs;
  • printing vivid newspaper and magazine articles.

Free E-Catalogue, PDF (with thumbnails)

Free E-Catalogue, XLSX (plain text)