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The promotion code below makes photographs of Canada even more affordable to students, instructors, professors, professionals and authors who can save hundreds of dollars:

Promo code (coupon): BANFF – save 80% on any image at the Image Library.

The promotion code above is valid till August 30, 2020, 23:59 Mountain Time.

This promotion cannot be applied retrospectively or beyond the expiration date above. It is the responsibility of the buyer(s) to enter the code correctly and timely – before the promotion expires. It is the buyer(s) responsibility to apply the promotion code to the contents of the Shopping Cart prior to the payment – Edocation Corp. will not reimburse the difference between the full price of a product and the discounted amount even if the promotion code was still valid at the time of the transaction.

To take advantage of this promotion, the discount code must be applied to the contents of the Shopping Cart, in the corresponding Field. If the buyer(s) is/are unsure as to how to apply the promotion code or would like to inquire about the available promotion codes – the buyer(s) is/are welcome to contact us to inquire.

The discount code cannot be combined with any other promotion or promotions.

The applicable taxes are calculated after the promotion code is applied and are charged at their regular rate on the total discounted price. In case of a return (for any proper reason) of any merchandise that has been purchased on Edocation Corp. website at a discounted rate, Edocation Corp. will examine each case and, if decided so, may reimburse the buyer(s) the price paid, but no more than has been paid even if the promotion campaign during which the merchandise has been bought has expired and the product(s) is/are available at the regular price on the day when the return is made.

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