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Learning languages can be hard, and Edocation team is committed to help make learning both easier and more pleasant for you, your family and your company! French people sometimes jokingly say, “l’anglais, ce n’est jamais que du français mal prononcé,” that is, English is like French with bad pronunciation. The share of the truth in this joke is that linguistic research has found that English contains about 40% of words of French origin. How does it apply to you? If you are an English speaker, how easy it can be to learn French with the right approach!

Edocation team offers courses and tutoring classes for individuals and organizations. Whether you are looking just for a few classes or a complete course, we are happy to help. Our instructors are educated, experienced and have a positive outlook.

All our students, who finish their course successfully, get a certificate. Edocation classes are affordable, starting from $30.001 CAD. We offer in person, online and on location classes. We cover all aspects of learning: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Edocation instructors are happy to work with students of all ages.

To enrol in a course or to book your first meeting with a tutor, visit the corresponding page. To get help with enrolment or to ask a question, contact us.

1 The price is subject to the applicable taxes and is per academic hour (50 minutes).