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Web: Presence & Discoverability

These courses are for new and existing small to medium-size businesses that want to:
     ✓ Create or rejuvenate their web presence through a modern website;
     ✓ Use professional-looking email addresses, e.g.; and
     ✓ Be discovered and reach out to prospective and existing clients via a variety of social media.

If you would like to save some money and time by doing all of the above yourself and without external help, then these courses can be useful:

CONTENT / COURSE WEB101: Essential WEB201: Intermediate WEB301: Advanced
For businesses that are just starting & are seeking to establish their web presence.
Basics of the Web
Trends in the Industry
Hosting Company & Domain Name
Building Your Website from a Template
Pages & Posts
Enhancing Your Site: HTML vs CSS
Other Considerations
Getting Help
For businesses that want professional looking email addresses.
Creation & Maintenance (Based on Webmail)
Connecting Emails to Outlook
For businesses that seek to promote their products and services; to reach out and maintain communication with their prospective and existing clients via their social media.
Social Media Basics
COST: $500.00 CAD $250.00 CAD $750.00 CAD

Or take all three courses above for $1250.00 CAD.

If you are busy running your business and would like some help with your web presence and social media, Edocation team is happy to help – just let us know which of these packages may be of benefit and one of specialists will reach out to discuss the details.

1) All the prices are subject to the applicable taxes.
2) If you would like to confirm that the objectives of the courses above align with your needs, please, contact us for details.
3) These courses do not seek to develop programmer skills or skills sufficient to be able to offer professional web or social media services; the objective of these courses is to help business, especially start-ups, to establish and maintain their Web presence with little or no external help to the extent the corresponding curricula suggest.
4) Edocation Corp. does not guarantee any results. The outcome of these courses may vary based on each business needs, individual learning styles and other factors.