Edocation Corp. was founded on the principle of helping companies and individuals achieve their IT and educational goals more efficiently and effectively. It is from this principle that our company has sprouted. Providing in-depth knowledge to our valued clients, sharing our rich experience with them and documenting the processes clearly, Edocation continues to grow organically.

Why what we do matters?
The greatest benefit of education is not knowledge, but action. Thus, education is an instrument in achieving professional, personal and corporate goals. Edocation team of experts provides this instrument to Canadians and people universally enabling them to achieve success. We do so with enthusiasm, respect and productivity.

Who we are
We are a team of Canadian specialists located in Calgary, AB. We are both educated and experienced. Our specialists hold PhD, MA, BA and other degrees. Our combined experience is: 50+ years in IT; 30+ years in ERP; and 25+ years in teaching languages. Edocation Corp. is an official Microsoft Partner.

How we can help
We serve both companies and individuals.

We help companies implement, upgrade and support their ERP system.

We help individuals and companies by providing language and other courses.

Both companies and individuals visit our library for books, affordable images of Canada and other products.

In brief, Edocation Corp. is a Canadian company focusing on IT and educational services products. We are a team of dedicated specialists who are happy to help companies and individuals. Whether you or your company need ERP, language, other services, you can rely on us. After all, your success is our best recommendation.

Would you like to know how Edocation compares to other companies with a similar scope? If so, you can visit our Why Edocation page or contact us.