Edocation - IT & Education

Our Name
The name Edocation is a combination of two words: “education” + “do”. The company is named so because we believe that people and organisations should not only earn their education, but do something great (whether big or small) with it. Education can be used, for example, to develop and put skills to good professional (e.g. to help businesses be efficient and effective) or personal (e.g. to travel) use, to stay sharp mentally, etc.

Our Focus
Our focus is education and IT (information technologies). These two are combined organically at Edocation: we use education to promote IT; IT tools, in turn, help share education efficiently and effectively.

Why Does What We Do Matter?
The greatest benefit of education is not knowledge, but action. We believe that education is what helps people move mountains. IT serves people in achieving their personal and corporate goals. Edocation serves Canadians and people universally enabling them to achieve success through education and IT and we do so with enthusiasm, respect and productivity.

Our Team
We are a team of Canadian IT and education professionals located in Calgary, AB. Our specialists hold PhD, MA, and BA university degrees. Our combined experience is 50+ years in IT (including 30+ years in ERP) and 25+ years in teaching languages. Edocation Corp. is an official Microsoft Partner.

Our Services
Edocation provides IT and educational services to companies and individuals.
      ✓ We help companies implement, upgrade and support their ERP systems.
      ✓ We help individuals and companies by providing language and other courses.
      ✓ Both companies and individuals visit our library for books, authentic images of Canada and other items.

At Edocation, our clients’ success is our objective and our best recommendation and we look forward to working with you.

To learn why working with Edocation is an advantage, you can visit our Why Edocation page. If you would like to discuss your IT or educational objectives, just contact us.