IT stands for “information technology”. Further below on this page, you can find why IT is important for modern individuals and companies and, therefore, why Edocation Corp. provides the related (IT) and (IT) educational services.

Edocation focuses on the following aspects of IT:
     1) ERP services for companies;
     2) Web start-up assistance for businesses;
     3) educational courses for companies and individuals.

We believe that IT is important in modern life because it can help achieve the following goals:
     1) corporate, through ERP implementation which:
          – improves efficiency of financial reporting tools saving managers’ time and facilitating decision making to drive even more revenue and to reduce expenses;
          – enhances inventory planning to save money by maintaining only the minimal required inventory and ordering the quantities that allow taking advantage of bulk rates;
          – increases employees’ satisfaction allowing them to save time through more efficient work, and through modern, user-friendly interface;
     2) professional, through IT training which:
          – helps get a job that requires certain ERP IT skills (e.g. an accountant with ERP knowledge is almost certain to find a well-paying job);
          – leads to an increase in salary through learning new skills and helping your company more efficiently;
          – contributes to higher satisfaction from your job by being able to do more creative tasks and by leading your team at work;
     3) business, through IT education that:
          – allows opening and promoting your own business through a website and a blog;
     4) individual, through IT education that:
          – allows creating your own hobby blog to discuss topics of interest and to share useful information with your fellow bloggers.
At Edocation, we help companies and individuals achieve their goals using IT.