Publish your book
Have you written a book and would like to share it with family and friends or start earning money with it?

Perhaps, you have enough information for teaching and would like to publish a book to help your students and colleagues better (it feels better to have all materials organized in a book rather than countless printouts?

If so, Edocation team can help. Here is exactly what we can do:
      ✓ publish your book(s)1 and make them available on:
           – Amazon (,,,,, etc.) &
           – internationally where Amazon maybe unavailable;
      ✓ help you select the format(s):
           – paperback,
           – hardcover &
           – electronic book;
      ✓ sell the books for you and pay to you the author’s commission on each sale2;
      ✓ make your books available at website;
      ✓ publish your short biography on Amazon’s author’s page;
      ✓ promote your titles on Edocation social media;
      ✓ provide the author with author’s copies at a discounted rate;
      ✓ [optional] leave one review for each of your book titles on Amazon3.

At an additional cost per page, Edocation provides the following services:
      ▪ proofreading in English, Russian and Ukrainian;
      ▪ formatting the manuscript file to make it meet the required standards for each format;
      ▪ converting the manuscript files to EPUB, MOBI, and PDF (protected)4 formats;
      ▪ translating from English into Russian or Ukrainian.

Would you like to achieve the results above by yourself? If so, you may want to take our publishing courses.

1 Edocation specializes only on books that are appropriate for all ages. In particular we publish educational, adventure, SCI-FI, scientific, scholarly and poetry books.

2 The authors get paid their commissions every 45-60 provided that the total amount of commissions has achieved or exceeded $150.00 CAD. The commissions that have not achieved the minimal threshold (e.g. $100.00 CAD) will be carried over to the next period in which they will be added to the total commissions gained in that period; if the total amount of the commissions has achieved or exceeded $150.00 CAD, the authors will be paid the total amount (e.g. $200.00 CAD).

3 We do not guarantee a 5-star review, but rather an honest review based on the quality of the book, its content and form. Authors are free to opt out of a review.

4 The PDF file is protected from copying information from it and from printing it. Edocation Corp. does not assume responsibilities for ensuring that the file will not be broken or otherwise changed or executed to alter these or any other properties or the consequences that this may entail.